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Charlie Arcodia

Software Developer, Colorado

Charlie Arcodia


With over 15 years of experience as a software engineer, I have dedicated my career to not only developing innovative software solutions but also to the art of building and structuring high-performing teams. My expertise extends into the realm of 3D technologies, where I have significantly advanced solutions for tracking in three-dimensional spaces, focusing on enhancing interactions and functionalities within the 3D world. This pioneering work in 3D and Z-axis solutions underscores my commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and its applications.

  • USMC


  • Tripcents


  • Duv LLC


  • Kwiks


In 2019, my innovative contributions, particularly with the startup Tripcents, were recognized at Techstars, further solidifying my reputation as a forward-thinking developer and entrepreneur in the tech community. My passion for startups is not just about creating technology but also about nurturing the teams behind the innovation. I am known for my ability to set up and manage efficient teams, a skill that has been instrumental in the successful launch and growth of various startups.

Game Development
Mobile Development
Web Development


My passion for startups has propelled me into the realms of AI-driven gaming and the groundbreaking fusion of AAA esports titles with augmented reality. I've mastered mobile development across iOS and Android, ensuring engaging user experiences in a variety of applications. Beyond the frontend, I've engineered complex mixed reality solutions, laying the foundation for robust government contracts in the B2G space along with local and federal Combined Arms programs with the Hololens.



For innovation to truly shine, it must be honed with the precision of a master craftsman.

Charlie Arcodia

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